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At New Zealand Corneotherapy Institute, we pride ourselves on an individual and holistic approach to wellness. To ensure we can tailor the best treatment plan for your body, and your skin concerns, our clinicians require some information from you to review, prior to your in-clinic or phone consultation.


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The science behind skin confidence and graceful ageing

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“By focusing on skin barrier function, we aspire to make Corneotherapy a well-known concept and the definitive way of thinking about skincare for as many people as possible.”

A true nature’s masterpiece, the skin’s physiology is truly fascinating. With the help of its own immunity, microbiome, pH regulation, and vitamin E in the sebum, healthy skin can self-balance, protect, and fight free radical damage. The skin’s resilience relies on the integrity of its natural barrier contained in its outermost epidermal layer – the Stratum Corneum, which gives the name to the science of Corneotherapy.

Lin, the founder of New Zealand Corneotherapy Institute, takling about Corneotherapy. Photo by Laura Asan
Before investing in a new skincare product or treatment, first think: "Is it good for my skin biome and barrier function or not?" - Lin, NZCI

Modern living conditions often cause disruptions of the skin barrier through toxins, allergens, emotional stress, internal inflammation, and Western diets, aggravating a variety of skin conditions and causing premature aging. Barrier impairment can happen through incorrect skin care behaviours, such as over-cleansing, over-exfoliation, use of products with synthetic fragrances, emollients, preservatives, lack of sun-protection and inconsistent skincare regimen with too many products. The most damage to the Stratum Corneum happens if the intact topical layer of its scales is compromised and the lipids that hold the scales together are broken down, making the skin no longer capable of self-balancing and coping with the environment. Products such as alkaline cleansers and detergents with SLS or SLES (sodium lauryl sulfate) can break down the bonds between the scales in the skin’s outermost layer making the skin more susceptible to stress, pathogens and damage. Frequent exfoliation, strong peels, and abrasive or thermal treatments are the ones that may expose the deeper epidermal layers prematurely, leading to pigmentation, increased reactivity, and inflammation. The integrity of the Stratum Corneum is particularly important, as it orchestrates the internal chemistry of the deeper levels of the epidermis and prevents trans-epidermal water loss.

“By focusing on skin barrier function, we aspire to make Corneotherapy a well-known concept and the definitive way of thinking about skincare for as many people as possible.”

Corneotherapy is about achieving long-term skin health, age-proofing, and graceful aging. Corneotherapy principles strongly resonate with our goals and values, because it is backed up by evidence-based science, the techniques are gentle to suit the most compromised skins, yet deliver lasting therapeutic results. The ultimate goal we aim at while practicing Corneotherapy is resilient skin: skin that is capable of self-regulating and adjusting to internal and external stress without strong fluctuations in its appearance or health. Thinking of any skin concern, be that acne, pigmentation, increased sensitivity, dryness or premature signs of aging, we always begin from approaching the barrier function and improving the diversity of skin microbiome. We do that by carefully tailored treatment plans and home prescriptions that aim to tune the fine chemistry between the epidermal layers and rebuild the healthy outmost layer – the Stratum Corneum.

To wrap up our brief introduction to Corneotherapy, here is our gentle reminder to make the most of your skincare regimen this summer: when choosing to invest in a new skincare product or treatment, ask yourself: “Is it good for my skin barrier or not?” For all your skincare questions, we invite you to try the Skincare Journey experience with us to receive your complimentary consultation.

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