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At New Zealand Corneotherapy Institute, we pride ourselves on an individual and holistic approach to wellness. To ensure we can tailor the best treatment plan for your body, and your skin concerns, our clinicians require some information from you to review, prior to your in-clinic or phone consultation.


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About NZCI

New Zealand Corneotherapy Institute is focused on holistic wellbeing. We love the natural beauty of human skin, and recognise it as part of whole self wellness.

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Our mission is to use our holistic approach to skincare and knowledge as tools to increase the health and happiness of people around New Zealand.

Empowering every body

Everyone has the right to knowledge about their body — the knowledge to understand how your own body functions and how to improve your overall health thus leading to better skin.

No More Airbrushed Skin

Healthy skin not seamless, airbrushed skin. Trying to attain ‘perfect skin’ can lead to mental distress, misuse of products and overspending.

Lin Andre founder of New Zealand Corneotherapy Institute
Lin, founder of New Zealand Corneotherapy Institute. Photo by Laura Asan.
NZCI New Zealand Corneotherapy Institute treatment room. New Zealand award-winning skin therapist and corneotherapist, Dermapen-4 Gold Standard Teratment Provider and O Cosmedics Expert. Highly commended High Performing Therapist by Probeauty. Application of Suntegrity and O Cosmedics Mineral Pro on skin. Photo by Laura Asan

Lin (BA Hons, PGDipBus, BSc, Dip Beauty Therapy) is a New Zealand multi-award winning skin therapist and a self-proclaimed geek. Her approach to health goes far beyond the superficial, diving deep into analysing you as an individual.

From diet and emotion to detailed skincare history and genetics, Lin is always looking for the root cause and correlation.

Lin steps back and thinks critically about new products, ingredients and treatments on the market — there’s no magic pill or overnight miracle when it comes to skin health and wellbeing. She believes healing is a multidimensional, individual journey that leads to coming home to your body.

For academic excellence and proficiency in Corneotherapy and holistic skincare, Lin has been a Featured Expert at Probeauty, Elite International School of Spa and Beauty Therapies, and VERVE Magazine.

Lin's Skin Transformation Results achieved with the Gold Standard Dermapen-4 Technology are among New Zealand's best and are featured in the International Training Manual by DermapenWorld and the New Zealand GOLD Dermapen Collection Book.

*Photography by talented Laura Asan

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Memberships and Awards

From diet and emotion to detailed skincare history and genetics, Lin’s always looking for the root cause and correlation.

Featured Expert in
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About corneotherapy

The skin is the largest organ of our bodies. It has it’s own immune system and microbiome.

Our fascination with the science of the skin’s microbiome has led us to centre our approach around Corneotherapy, focusing on the science behind the skin’s outermost layer — the Stratum Corneum, which forms the barrier function.

Corneotherapy treats the root of the problem, rather than superficial symptoms, while still being gentle, minimising irritating side effects often caused by topical pharmaceuticals.

Correct application of Corneotherapy techniques can help age proof your skin, manage rosacea and atopic skin conditions, treat inflammation and acne.

The key principles of Corneotherapy

Principle 1

Keeping the epidermis intact at all times — this ensures the skin’s immune system is not stimulated by damage or environmental stress.

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Principle 2

Improve the diversity of the skin’s natural microbiome – this helps the skin self regulate and keep up its defences against damage and pathogens.

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It’s more than just beauty.

A healthy, strong, balanced skin and body can do wonders in self-healing.

Our Blog about lifestyle to maintain a healthy glow is coming soon.

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Our sustainability promise

We love our diverse beautiful planet. To keep it clean and green we act locally in Aotearoa to reduce our footprint on the environment.

Our packaging

All our courier packaging is made from recycled paper. This means it is biodegradable, you can home-compost it, recycle or use it to start the fire in your fireplace.

A native tree for every purchase

With every order, you are helping to increase the biodiversity of Aotearoa. A portion of every purchase in donated to Te Rahi O Tāne. Each month, we’ll have a poll on our Instagram where you can determine where in New Zealand the trees of the month will be planted #plantwithNZCI

Give and give back

You have the option of adding the gift of planting a native tree to any gift certificate purchase.

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We always look to grow our community and network of biome-friendly, clean, result-driven skincare brands. Together, our businesses can help clients becoming happier, confident people. If our space and values are aligned with yours, you are welcome to reach out by filling our contact form.

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Corporate Gifting

Treat your team to the gift of conscious skincare. Get in touch with us for luxurious, mindfully curated gifts.

You help increase the biodiversity of New Zealand with each order.

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