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At New Zealand Corneotherapy Institute, we pride ourselves on an individual and holistic approach to wellness. To ensure we can tailor the best treatment plan for your body, and your skin concerns, our clinicians require some information from you to review, prior to your in-clinic or phone consultation.


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We have designed the finest self-care rituals to re-write your skin's history and create the best environment for the body to heal

Holistic Facial by Lin Andre, photo by Max Lemesh

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Our treatments are holistic sessions aimed at achieving whole self wellness through working with the integumentary (skin) and nervous systems. With the background in science, physiology, psychology and clinical practice, Lin made a deep dive into researching the brain-skin-axis and developed a signature technique to holistically address stress and burnouts, promote selfcare, boost confidence and overall happiness.

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clients say

Jo, 45

Amazing! Lin is absolutely the best. Thank you for looking after me and my skin health! Always looking forward to seeing you.

Alena, 31

Two hours of pure delight and relaxation! I'm so happy with the result, my skin is glowing!

Cynthia, 68

Lin is a very professional and knowledgeable therapist. Her clinic has amazing energy and she is well skilled.

Tracey, 42

If you are needing or wanting a fabulous therapist then please do visit Lin as she is really something special...


My skin is looking better and better with every visit. Thank you so much!

"Although I have been focusing on skin therapies from the onset of my practice, over the years I found myself workings with individuals who are under a lot of stress, be that emotional burnout, negative body image, chronic pain, or injury consequence. That very fact encouraged me to discover and learn more about the intricate connections between the nervous system, inflammation, and skin impairments" - Lin, founder of NZCI

Holistic facial by Lin ANDRE, photo by Max Lemesh
skin confidence and whole self wellness

In the world of filters and edited “flawless” skin we are dedicated to Healthy skin, not seamless or airbrushed skin.

Welcome Session

Begin with the comprehensive analysis of your skincare and wellbeing needs while enjoying a cup of freshly-brewed herbal tea and a New Zealand-made chocolate, then indulge in a 40-minute O Cosmedics facial with signature sculpting massage, medical-grade actives, and Reiki. Feel refreshed and invigorated after your session and take home miniatures of our product range to try.

This is a perfect introduction to our ethos and wellness culture, not to mention the value of this offer!

You are welcome to purchase this offer as a gift to your loved one!

$79 (Value of $150)

Selfcare Rituals with O Cosmedics PDA & PDP

Each session is an individually-tailored high-touch experience that will take one into a deep meditative rest through Reiki; Lin’s signature manual technique will help activate happy hormones, reduce fatigue, inflammation, pain, and overall tension, while the medical-grade, clean, vegan, cruelty-free product will fine-tune skin chemistry and restore the topical microbiome, resulting in glowing, more resilient skin.

From $139

Gold Standard Dermapen-4

State-of-the-art medical technology to treat impaired skins, inflamed skins, pigmentation, fine lines, uneven texture, scars and striae. Sterile, high-precision treatment with no numbing required and low downtime. The full face will be done in 4 minutes!

We have been successfully treating skins with Dermapen-4 Technology and Lin’s works are published in the GOLD Dermapen-4 Book 2022 among New Zealand’s top skin transformation results. NZCI has been multiply awarded as New Zealand’s Dermapen-4 High Performing and First Runner-up Clinic, which means you will be treated by expert hands.

From $269

You help increase the biodiversity of New Zealand with each order.

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